SUPER Z Trailer [Horror Zombie Comedy]

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A brilliant and mad scientist creates a new kind of zombie…
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In a secret laboratory, at the request of the CEO of an obscure multinational company, GERMAIN (Jean-François Gallotte), a scientist as crazy as brilliant, works to create a new kind of zombie.
The result exceeds all their expectations, the zombies become stronger, but also endowed with reason and … speech.
Facing totally undisciplined and rude Super Zombies, the CEO asks Germain an ultimate adjustment to contain them. Gertre (Johan Libereau), understanding the aim of their creators, manages to escape and free his family. All of this under the very nose of Pecqueux (Laurent Bouhnik), the head of the bloodthirsty mercenaries in charge of the laboratory’s special surveillance.
But with their kit the mercenary leader of the CEO, will they be able to live free and happy ?

SUPER Z Trailer
Directed by Julien Volte and Arnaud Tabarly
Starring Johan LIBEREAU, Julien COURBEY, Fabien ARA, Florence BEBIC, Audrey GIACOMINI, Marion MEZADORIAN, Laurent BOUHNIK , Jean -François GALLOTTE, Jacques BOUDET, Jo PRESTIA, Dominique BETTENFELD, HPG, Davy MOURIER, Samuel DUTERTRE and lots more!
Genre : Horror Comedy – Zombie Comedy
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SUPER Z Trailer
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