Slacklining, Fire & Ice – 4K

Published on 29.03.2016 by admin

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Watch the behind the scenes in the link below:

Super thanks to the amazing athletes that helped make this happen. Here’s the athletes it featured.
Andy Lewis
Mickey Wilson
Alex Mason
Canyon Cain
Slyvan Slacks
Purple McMullen-Laird
Eric Hake

You can book Mickey Wilson, one of the main slack liners for shows, by contacting him below:

Super thanks to the Ice Castles for letting us film there. We filmed this after their season was at an end, so usually the Ice Castles are much bigger. Here’s a link to their website, they have several places around North America that you can visit during the winter time.

Also thanks to Creighton Baird for helping make this happen as well.

Film by Teamsupertramp
Directed/Filmed by Devin Graham
Produced by Seth Jones and Andy Lewis
Edited in Adobe Premiere by Tyson Henderson

Music By Trevor DeMaere – Go Without Fear feat. David Mirga
Download the song in iTunes here:…

Trevor DeMaere Youtube:
Trevor DeMaere Bandcamp

David Mirga (singer)

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