Skateboarding on Mars! With Shonduras in 4K!

Published on 11.01.2016 by admin

Subscribe to Shonduras who made going to Mars happen 🙂 He’s RAD!

Shaun just released a rad skateboarding video on his channel, skateboarding in the dark, check it out now! You won’t regret it!

So stoked to have had the chance to film with one of my favorite people on social, Shonduras! Subscribe to him right now, he does crazy rad stuff, vlogs, snapchats like a boss, and everything else in between! Link to his channel is right above.

Watch the behind the scenes in the link below! Where we show the entire process of working with Shonduras and all these other amazing athletes!

Behind The Scenes:

The Music in this video is called „Xenon“ by Milkman. Check out their music here:

Filmed on the Red Dragon in 6K, edited with Adobe Premiere Creative Cloud.
Film by Devin Graham.
Edited by Nick Sales

Special thanks again to Shaun, aka Shonduras for making this video happen. He was one of the athletes in the video, and he also lined up these amazing skaters as well! Who you can find all on instagram with their links below, and sponsors!

Tyler Olsen : @tylerohlsen
(Crossroads Skateshop, Mor Skateboards, Key Street Clothing, Flatspotter)

Bryan Candland : @Candyman32
(Crossroads Skateshop, Local Lab, Ethika)

Austin Shelledy : @ashell20

Cody Bolton : @sk801cody
(People Water, Dcshoes, Jase Skateboards, Goonrat Skate co, Local Lab, Wasatch Action Sports Park, Flatspotter, Dang Shades and Puka Bearings)

Also super thanks to Cory Graham and Dan Hicken who helped behind the scenes.

This video was filmed on the Red Dragon at 6K, the Canon 1DC in 4k, and the GoPro Hero 4 in 4K. We also shot on the Devin Graham Series Glidecam.

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