Flying in Slow Motion – Canon T2i 1000 fps

Published on 22.10.2010 by admin

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Stephen Anderson wrote the score for this piece. You can contact him here, or on itunes as well.

I took video footage from a video I released two weeks ago to make this.
For this particular video, Jace Leroy was the main camera guy on it, then Kristen Hillier, and then I.

This video was shot mostly with the Canon T2i, at 60 fps. A couple shots were done with the Canon 5D, and one shot was done with the GoPro Hero camera.

You can buy/learn more about GoPro cameras in their official website below.

I used After Effects to re-render the frame rate to make it play much slower then 60fps. I used an effect called „Time Warp“.

A lot of people have sent me messages asking me what settings I used with „Time Warp“ in after effects, and this isn’t a question I can totally answer because I just did it by trial and error. Each video clip I just had to play with each of the settings to adjust what looked best. It took me 4 days of figuring this out.

The bottom line was just experimenting with what looked best, and then waiting forever for it to render out.

For sound design I experimented with sound effects of cameras, war/gun sounds, and I used the original „landing on the moon“, because I felt that best conveyed flight.

Also, an interesting other thing, the composer Stephen, he took another song he had did that had lyrics, and he super slowed the song down for this piece, then he altered it to fit the pacing.

You can see the original bike video here below in the link.

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