COMPADRES Movie TRAILER (Comedy, Action – 2016)

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After his release from prison, a former Mexican cop seeks revenge on a crime boss who kidnapped his girlfriend!
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After his release from prison, former Mexican cop, Garza, seeks revenge on a crime boss, Santos, who kidnapped his girlfriend, Maria, and framed him for a crime he didn’t commit. With the help of his former boss, Coronado, Garza follows a tip on where to find Santos. His search leads him to San Diego to locate an “accountant,” said to have stolen $10 million dollars from Santos and who may know Santos’ whereabouts. Garza is shocked to discover that the infamous accountant is a 17-year-old American computer hacker named Vic. Despite their immediate disdain for each other and divided by culture, language and age, the unlikely duo realizes that Garza’s low-tech brain and Vic’s high-tech hacker skills may be their only chance to find Santos before he finds them.

A Movie directed by Enrique Begne
Cast : Omar Chaparro, Aislinn Derbez, Joey Morgan, Camila Sodi, Eric Roberts, Kevin Pollack
Release Date : In Theatres April 22nd, 2016
Genre : Comedy, Action

© 2016 – Pantelion Films

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