FELT Trailer (Feminist Psychological Thriller – 2015)

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Felt gives rape culture what it deserves“ ! http://feltmovie.com
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Amy is hanging on by a thread. Struggling to cope with past sexual trauma and the daily aggressions of a male- dominated society, she creates grotesquely-costumed alter egos that reappropriate the male form. While giving her the sense of power she craves, acting as these characters pushes her further into a world of her own making. When she begins a new relationship with a seemingly good guy, she opens herself up to him—but that vulnerability comes at a dangerous cost, and her alter egos threaten to lash out in explosive violence. Based on the real experiences and art of co-writer/star Amy Everson, Felt doesn’t just point a finger at rape culture; it takes a full on swing at it, creating a feminist psychological thriller that audiences will be hard-pressed to shake off.

FELT Trailer
A Movie directed by Jason Banker
Cast : Amy Everson, Kentucker Audley, Ryan Creighton, Elisabeth Ferrara, Roxanne Lauren Knouse
Release Date : In theaters June 26, on Digital HD July 21
Genre : Thriller, Horror

FELT Movie Trailer
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