Die Hard Anniversay Blu Ray Collection Trailer

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While waiting for the Die Hard 5 movie release, let’s celebrate the 25 years of Bruce Willis as John Mc Clane with this exposive Die Hard Anniversary Blu-Ray Collection featuring 90 minutes of new content ! Available here : http://amzn.to/WpQbIh on January 28th, 2013. Join us on Facebook http://FB.com/FreshMovieTrailers & http://twitter.com/mytrailerisrich

Bonus Disc Features „DECODING DIE HARD“:

• Origins: Reinventing the Action Genre (19:31)
Based on the crime novel „Nothing Lasts Forever“ by Roderick Thorp, DIE HARD scaled new heights in action filmmaking and transformed Bruce Willis into an action hero and cinema superstar. Hear from the filmmakers on how each DIE HARD film had a unique way of placing John McClane in perilous situations while raising the stakes and tension.

• John McClane: Modern Day Hero (16:26)
Wisecracking New York Detective. Husband. Father. Hero. Discover how the character of John McClane launched a new breed of action hero who is both strong and vulnerable, an everyman who uses his wits, and not just his muscle, in order to survive.

• Villains: Bad to the Bone (20:38)
One of the greatest aspects of the DIE HARD saga has been the ability to showcase some of the most brilliant criminals to ever grace the silver screen. From the charismatic „Hans Gruber“ to computer genius „Thomas Gabriel“ and his beautiful but deadly associate „Mai Linh,“ uncover what makes these foes so formidable and interesting.

• Sidekicks: Along for the Ride (19:06)
Learn what it takes to ride along side with John McClane. His partners in crime – from Twinkie loving „Sgt. Al Powell“ to Sam Jackson’s eternally cranky „Zeus Carver“ – are far from being just comic relief. They’re dynamic characters integral to story and the evolution of McClane’s character…even if they do frustrate him from time to time.

• Fight Sequences: Punishing Blows (7:27)
The DIE HARD films have been consistently known for showcasing intense action sequences involving fist fights and rising body counts. We’ll hear from the filmmakers, stunt coordinators and talent on what it takes to create these intense and punishing visceral fights between John McClane and his adversaries through the years.

• Action: Explosive Effects (14:39)
Learn how a group of talented visual and special effects experts conceived and created some of the massive explosions and cutting edge effects in the DIE HARD films, many before the widespread use of CGI (computer generated imagery).

• Legacy: The Right Hero for the Right Time (8:58)
DIE HARD set the standard for modern action films. Since wowing audiences in 1988, endless film pitches have started with „Die Hard in a ….“ all stemming from this blockbuster action film. In this featurette, hear from many of the cast and crew of all four DIE HARD films on the franchise’s tremendous and enduring worldwide appeal.

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